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September 11, 2007

What We're Reading Today

Page4_2Repost from last year.

A little over a year ago, my mother attended a book signing by author A. B. Curtis. She bought a book for my children and mailed it to them. I have to admit I was skeptical of a children's book about the tragedy of September 11, 2001. How do you capture the horror in rhyming verse and whimsical pictures? You don't. Instead, Ms. Curtis tells the story of St. Paul's church, an historical church that stands fewer than 100 yards from where the towers stood. The chapel became a refuge and launching point for the rescuers who were on the scene. Every time I read the book tears well in my eyes at the thought of the fireman who hung their shoes on the chapel fence before they went into the towers:

Oh what gallant men did we lose

Who never came back to get their shoes!

The book is a gentle re-telling. Our children are surrounded every day by references to the horror that forever changed our world. They will ask what "9/11" means and they surely deserve to be answered. But, they should not see that footage and they should not be bombarded with remembrances more appropriate for grief-stricken, terrorized adults. Childhood is all too brief. Very soon, they will be old enough to learn the details of the day. For now, this book tells them a story of hope amidst the charred ruins. A story we all need to hear.

You can read the entire book and see the pictures here.

And one more thing: my husband flies today and my children are more than a little unnerved by that fact. Your prayers are appreciated.


Thank you for sharing this age-appropriate resource today, Elizabeth. I will pray for safe travel for your husband.

I will pray for your husband's safe travel. And for peace for your children and you as well.

Praying for safe travel for your husband and for peace of mind for the entire family.

I will keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers today.

Oh, dear. Wonderful book, but don't think I can read that aloud to the children and get through it without choking up. Prayers sent for your traveling husband, and all travelers, and all of us...

Saying a prayer for safe travel...

Praying for the children, Elizabeth, and your husband.

Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource. I said a little prayer for your husband.

Prayers for your family! Thank you for the resource. We read it crowded around the computer today and I choked up around 3/4 of the way through but it was worth it.

Oh my ... why didn't you warn me it was such a tearjerker? I fought sobs all the way through as I read it to my children (who are only 8 and under, so really knew absolutely nothing about it) ... and my husband is a firefighter. That was beautiful, I'm so blessed it was online and my poor children saw mommy get VERY emotional. :)

Thanks for posting this...we too sat crowded around the computer reading it, and I too was totally choked up. But we got out paper and watercolored "sadness"..it was really beautiful to see the kids reflect and get to express feelings through art. I asked them if I could post their pics on my blog, and Quinn replied, "You know, Mom, sadness is really personal..." And he was right.

Just beautiful. And G just loved it, too. I think the real thing would be even better. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks for writing about the Little Chapel That Stood. Our youngest has a 9/11 birthdate. His birthday is always associated with the tragedy. This will be a wonderful resource for me.

I became "acquainted" with you from my girlfriend's blog. THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS or something like that. I am very appreciative for her introduction!!

We prayed for your husband today.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this book, I had never heard the story of St. Paul's before. After I read your post I received a paper in the mail with a beautiful article on St. Paul's, you may be interested in reading.


Thank you

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