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Loveliness Fairs 2007

Please mark your calendars!  The loveliness fairs will continue into 2007.  Here's the plan through June.  If you see a fair you'd like to host, please email me.



January 1 - The Loveliness of Motherhood (Helen)
Jnauary 15 - The Loveliness of New Year's Resolutions (Leonie)

January 29- The Loveliness of Candlemas (Suzanne)


February 12 - The Loveliness of Romance (Margaret)
February 19 - The Loveliness of Lent (Nissa)
February 26 - The Loveliness of Baking (Cheryl)


March 12 - The Loveliness of Saint Patrick's Day. (This one will have a followup "picture post" so that we can see everyone's plans come to fruition.) (Mary Ellen)
March 22 - The Loveliness of Saint Joseph Altars (For this, we'll open an idea thread on the message board and then post about the feast after it happens.) (Jenn)


April 2 -- The Loveliness of John Paul II (Sarah)

April 9--The Loveliness of Easter

April 23--The Loveliness of Spring


May 7 -- The Loveliness of Gardens (Rebecca)

May 21--The Loveliness of Marian Devotion (Helen)


June 4--The Loveliness of Taking Meals Out of Doors

June 18--The Loveliness of Fathers (Paula)


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The dates are in my calendar now! Looking forward to the Loveliness Fairs of 2007!

Hi Elizabeth. I did e-mail you. I also left a message here but it didn't show up. You're a tough one to get a hold of apparently!

Just to let you know, Elizabeth--the above link to my site needs tweaking! :)

Elizabeth -- I can host the loveliness of baking if you still need a hostess?

Blessings, dear!

How do you join in the Loveliness Fair for 2007? I have ran accross this on several different blogs, and it sounds wonderful. Where can I get more info about it?


I have the same question as Dee! :) I always enjoy running across the fairs when I see them. Once I know more about this I would be happy to host one anytime you need another hostess.

May I host the Loveliness of Marian Devotion?

oh dear!! the date you assigned for the loveliness of little boys wont work for me. i will be gone that week in the mountains of romania. no internet access there!! can i switch dates with someone?? i will email you about it.

Wasn't there a Loveliness of JP2 on here before? I would be happy to host it, though I can't do it in early April (which is where I seem to remember seeing it...). Or, I can host something else, if you'd like. :) Thanks for organizing this!


I'm new in the web ring and would like to consider hosting the fair for John Paul II. I'm also new at blogging, so I'm still learning how to use the features in my blog account. If it is not difficult to host a fair, I would like to do the one for JPII.


I'd be happy to host St. Joseph's, since it will be after the fact, right? Say Wednesday or Thursday after his feast day?

Elizabeth, I'd be thrilled to host the Loveliness of Taking Meals Out of Doors in June. I was just thinking the other day how nice a Loveliness Fair along these very lines would be and here you've thought of it already!

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