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Loveliness Fairs 2007

Please mark your calendars!  The loveliness fairs will continue into 2007.  Here's the plan through the winter.  If you see a fair you'd like to host, please email me.



January 1 - The Loveliness of Motherhood (Helen)
Jnauary 15 - The Loveliness of New Year's Resolutions

January 29- The Loveliness of Candlemas


February 12 - The Loveliness of Romance (Margaret)
February 19 - The Loveliness of Lent (Nissa)
February 26 - The Loveliness of Baking


March 12 - The Loveliness of Saint Patrick's Day. (This one will have a followup "picture post" so that we can see everyone's plans come to fruition.)
March 22 - The Loveliness of Saint Joseph Altars (For this, we'll open an idea thread on the message board and then post about the feast after it happens.)

Many thanks to Dawn for the very enjoyable brainstorming phone call and to her dear husband for logo help.

Best wishes and heartfelt prayers to all of you for a lovely new year!


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The dates are in my calendar now! Looking forward to the Loveliness Fairs of 2007!

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