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June 14, 2010



Thank you! I'm just sitting down to plan my summer menu and thought I'd check here first.~lisa


Laurie-I enjoyed reidnag how you discovered the Moosewood Cookbook. I also came across it during a difficult period in my life. Due to some not so good career decisions I found myself working as a dishwasher at a children's camp in California. I found if I finished up the dishes early, the kitchen staff would let me make the staff Vegetarian lunch. I had never done much cooking and the only Vegetarian Cookbook they had was Moosewood. I nearly cooked every recipe in the book during those four months. It was a great learning experience. The Vegetarians did not get much love from the kitchen, so they were so grateful for anything I made, even if I screwed it up. Each time I cook from it now I think of the people I cooked for at the camp. I don't think I have made Gypsy Stew since. I might have to try it again soon.-Nicole

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