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March 07, 2010


Danielle Murdock

Oh, I REALLY want one of these casseroles... Maybe I can sell it as my Easter Basket? Your roast looks fabulous, adding it to my must try list.


Poor Nicholas. LOL!

That roast looks delicious.


I made this today and it was wonderful!! I don't have a dutch oven so I baked it at 275 in a roasting pan and covered it with foil. It was great! Thanks for the recipe!


such a funny story about your son!! I had a good giggle....roast looks good too.

All the way from OZ...Vicki


Just came across your site. I'm looking for enameled cast iron and can't afford LC right now. How would you rate the Fontignac? I know it's a division of Staub but wondered about the quality.

I understand about the snow. I live in Charleston, SC and we got snow this year too. Wish I'd had your wonderful looking roast as well.

Elizabeth Foss

If I'd answered your question way back when you asked, I would have said I love it and I can't tell the difference. But in the last month (heavy use), it's really started to pit. I'm disappointed in the quality. :-(

Puma Outlet

I did have fun, and I worked on it a little more one week night.
I'll tell ya if you ever have a baby, get a walker, Sadie has one and that's what allowed me to do some work, she zipped back and forth around my feet while I painted!!!

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