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December 16, 2009



I sent this post to my swimmer-son who is predicted to be "an animal" when he's starts growing in earnest. We need help feeding the animal. ;-)


Michael, you sound uncommonly wise for your years. It sounds like you are very aware that whole foods which include plenty of natural fat, are where it is at!
White sugar is terrible for us; often one can beat a cold or virus just by eliminating the sugar and mimizing the starches. It's encouraging to see a young person undertand the importance of good nutrition and real food. Keep up the good work at school and in the kitchen, Michael!

Lucy P

Wow! Thanks for that, Michael. I love your writing style and the way you put across so much information in such a compelling, conversational manner.

Susan L

Wow, really great stuff here! I eat very much this way. I probably consume a lot less total food and fewer calories, but I'm going for exactly the same thing. Even greens in smoothies, flaxseed, kombucha, avacadoes, and a lot of the rest of it.

Nicely written and compelling!
Susan L


It is wonderful that you have these healthy eating habits at a relatively young age! And you're a good writer, too... I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!


Good job... keep it up. :)


Hello from the other side of the world. Just found your blog today and I am so excited for you and your flmiay. Our flmiay of 6 is trying to do the same here in South Western Australia. I had a great chuckle at your chickens.We named our Honey, Soy, Sesame and Ginger. I really look forward to reading through your blog and for the release of your book. Congratulations on the difference you are making,it's wonderful to see people like you in the world campaigning for our children.

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