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February 22, 2009


Charlotte (Matilda)

I would love to see your recipe for red beans and rice!


Me too, and the tortilla soup!


This looks wonderful and popped up on my Reader just as I was getting simple recipes together for my husband to make after I have a baby next week! Thanks!


Confetti casserole sounds interesting!

Jen L.

what is "amazing broccoli" (and why can i never remember how to spell broccoli!, lol)

Bridget Huntz

do you know where to find these recipes?


Tortilla Soup on Saturdays sounds like a comforting Lenten tradition. I love how a pot of soup simmering all day makes the home smell so welcoming!


What a great resource! Lots of delicious and healthy recipes - thanks for sharing!


pecan crusted anything sounds good!! Thanks for posting your Lenten menu. It always inspires me to make my own menu as well.


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