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September 05, 2008



I was reading the recipe and under #4 you have the direction to "Saute garlic and jalapeno" but there is no jalapeno listed in the ingredients. How much jalapeno is called for in the recipe? I like to start out with the recommended amount and tweak it to my dh's taste. Thanks. Anne


I LOVE chicken tikka... yum :) Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

Elizabeth M

We love Indian food here too and our kids are finally liking some of it. We're lucky that our favorite Indian restaurant has very reasonable buffet nights with a wide range of good food. But, when we cook it at home, my favorite's are Madjur Jaffrey's cookbooks. They look hard (because of all of the spices) but they are really not! Enjoy. I'm going to have to try this version soon.

Elizabeth Foss

There was jalapeno in the original recipe. I left it out--it's pretty spicy without. I forgot to delete it from the directions--just went back and did that. Thanks for the heads up!

Susan L

Oh, yum! We love this kind of food! (Have you seen the beautiful book, Mangoes and Curry Leaves?) My daughter's husband's family is from Bangladesh, and she is learning to cook the foods of northeastern India/Bangladesh. We enjoy the fruits, and we are learning some of it, too. So delicious.

So, this one has familiar spices and flavors, and I will definitely make it!

Thanks a bunch!


Can't wait to try this recipe. I used to make this all the time with a cheat - my grocery store had an awesome spice pack. Then, the directions on the back were so simple. But, alas they've discontinued it.

My husband is Indian :D I also have a recipe for Chicken Makhani - butter chicken - that is to die for!! Let me know if you want it!


We made this tonight and it was excellent; thank you!

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