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November 07, 2007



What a luscious photo of fudge! Perfect food choice for "F" Week.


You wrote "not evaporated milk" just for me, right? lol

I love fudge.... and will have to use for our "F" week.


Jennifer in TX

This sounds very similar to my fudge recipe (which is very popular with friends and family around Christmastime!)...I do cream cheese instead of the butter, though! :)


mmmmm...fudge. we have to hurry up and do "e" so we can get to "f" and make fudge!

Amy Caroline

OH JOY! I bought Sweetened Condensed Milk at the store on accident! Now I have something to make with it!!


Perfect! My dh loves fudge, and I was just looking for a recipe that the littles could help with for Christmas. This is wonderful, thank you!

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