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July 09, 2007



Oh Yum! I cannot wait to try some of these delicious summer recipes. I have been so bored with the same old food around here. Thanks for breathing some new life into my menu planning!

By the way, the blogsite looks beautiful. I love the new colors and the new photo. :)


I've often wondered about a repeating menu too, maybe I'll have to shush my inner foodie and give it a go one of these days!


Nice post, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing. But I must ask, what about Sundays? :)

Elizabeth Foss

Good question Tami!
In the summer, Sundays are experiment days. My kids really, really like to cook. Recent Sundays have been chicken wing days as Christian perfects his recipe. Yesterday, he presented quite the meal to his dad at lunch time. At the same time, we're perfecting an ice cream recipe. Paddy is messing with hamburger recipes. Sundays are also good days to try recipes I find at other blogs;-)


This is a great idea. We're going to try it here. Be sure to post your fall and winter menus, too. Thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth, it sounds like Sunday is a fun day in the kitchen. Actually, every day sounds like a fun day in your house!

God bless!


This is such a great idea, Elizabeth! Healthy choices & less stress. You've blessed my family by sharing this! I plan to do something similar.


thank you! i adopted a 3 week menu during baseball season and it helped, but the idea of 1 week is much easier. i love the idea of changing the menu seasonally and making sunday a fun cook day with the kids.


How, how, how did I not know about this "other blog"? You will see me popping back here frequently! I want to establish a menu system for my family like yours. Thank you!

Carmen Liffengren

Hi Elizabeth, I left a post about your summer menu on the wrong post. Oh well, you'll find it. I just had to say that this is such a good idea, but I will feel guilty with so many unused cookbooks! It's worth it to reduce the stress!!


Elizabeth, it all sounds so summery! We've never grilled broccoli -- any tips regarding technique or seasonings?

Lynn B

I can't believe I haven't been to your food blog yet! It looks incredible (can I have dinner at your house??) Can't wait to shop so I can try some of those gorgeous recipes! Thanks :)

Elizabeth Leone

I love this blog! I am definitely trying the week of recipes you recommend! Thank you, Elizabeth.


This post has been a big help. I am always at a loss for hot weather foods. I've bought the ingredients for the steak & potato salad. Looks yummy! Although I'm going to have to save it for Saturday when my hubby can grill the meat in the morning (I haven't yet tried to start the BBQ myself). We have a charcoal grill; sounds like you have propane, which must make it less of a hassle to fire up the grill for just one or two items.

molly mcgovern

Yum!!!! You are a true treasure.


Thank you for the pasta with garlic and parsley. A simple classic dish my family will love. Clarice


My Mom always did food like this, too. Saturday was hamburger night. Sunday was always roast beef, garden salad and bread, etc. etc. For years and years and years! She figured out what meals were definite hits and repeated them. We really liked it. We were happy and food was not wasted (for the most part, there were some picky ones).

Katherine in TX

OK, I'm desperate for a fall menu. Think, think, think...


Thanks so much for posting this. I've been toying with a weekly/bi-weekly menu for too long, and my own inner foodie has rebelled, even though my man and kids would love it. This was just the nudge I needed...
Now, are you posting one for fall??

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