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May 18, 2006



Yikes! I would be very careful with bananas!

I would only buy those raised in the USA. If they come from out of country, they do not have to follow our rules for pesticides and herbicides. I understand that in foreign countries, they wet burlap with DDT and cover the piles of bananas to keep the pests off. DDT has been outlawed in this country for more than 40 years. This happens with several imported products. Always read the country of origin, know where your product is coming from. Know that Americans have the strictest standards for their food, and that imported food does not have to meet these standards.
I don’t know the exact details of what specifies Organic Milk.
If you have a site or two to direct me to I would appreciate it.
This is my take on things: I know that milk without hormone is BHT Free. If the milk you purchase does not say this, call the dairy that packages it and ask.
As far as antibiotics in milk; it is unlawful to sell milk containing antibiotics. Milk is tested: at the farm, before it is unloaded at the plant, after it is in the silo, and is randomly checked at stores. If any antibiotic is found it can be traced back to the producer and he is liable for all the milk contaminated. I wouldn’t be concerned with antibiotic in milk.
I can't imagine cows not being treated with antibiotics. They are like children; we must care for them, when they have mastitis or foot rot, or an injury. It would be cruel to leave an animal suffer! I wouldn’t do it to my kids; I wouldn’t do it to the cows.
Hope this doesn’t sound grumpy. Just wanted to provide information.

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