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April 16, 2006



wahoo!!!! another Catholic homeschooling mom joins the food blog world:D! looking forward to your posts, elizabeth, esp. since we're food blogging from opposite perspectives (you can't eat some of the things you prepare for your family -- and i can eat what i can't prepare for them LOL).


Wow! Sounds yummy! How do you do it? I am so impressed! Glad to have a place to find some good recipes, should I ever have the courage (and energy) to move beyond chicken and pasta!


These recipes look so yummy I can't wait to try the Zeppole, it sounds amazing!


Elizabeth, would you mind sharing how you prepare the herbed lamb? I have wanted to make lamb but haven't found a way that everyone seems to like.

Elizabeth Foss

The lamb recipe is on the first page of this thread:

It's awesome! I marinated for almost 48 hours and it was worth every minute.


This recipe are so helpful

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